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The Second Best Great Lakes Lecture Ever.


A great lecture doesn’t feel like a history lesson.  There are a handful of historians out there that immerse you in the topic- leaving you spell bound by underwater video, incredible eyewitness interviews and a level of energy that never lets you glance at the clock.  Was it an hour?  Who freaking cares.  I want to know more.

That’s what a storyteller does.  It’s not a lecture- it’s a moment that you share with someone who puts everything in perspective.  You feel for the sailors trapped in a storm.  You laugh when they share how much rum it took to shake off the November gale that they barely escaped from.  You cry for the loss of a comrade who didn’t make it ashore.

You deserve to be inspired and you’re lucky.  There are some amazing speakers who can do this.  I’ve certainly been lucky enough to hear them.. and smart enough to learn from them.  People humble me when they tell me I’m among those few that inspire and I know at least one lecturer who does it much better than I do.  I’ll just settle for the second best lecturer on the lakes.


What’s on your bucket list?

Imagine your most fantastic dream.  A low-level bomb run over Germany.  A helicopter rescue on Lake Huron.  Diving the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Pulling nine G’s in a F-16.  Flying the Goodyear Blimp.  Hunting alligators with Ted Nugent.  Parachuting out of an airplane at 12,500 feet.  Diving with sharks.  Bungee Jumping.  Been there, done that… and he brought a camera- so now YOU can share the same experience from the safety of your recliner.